Rose Geranium Nourishing Shampoo



Transform damaged, dull, dry, and lifeless hair with the help of luxury organic nutrients. Gentle herbal cleansers with rose hip, rose, rose geranium, avocado oils to carefully cleanse and intensely hydrate lifeless locks. The result is shiny, bouncy, and revitalized hair. Discover the difference Ausganica organic hair care can make.
Made with organic ingredients - Certified by OFC
Nourishes with rose hip oil
Enhances shine with jojoba oil
Hydrates with rose hydrosol
Replenishes with coconut water and oil
Reduce frizz with avocado oil
Repairs damage with rosemary oil
Protects scalp and promotes hair repair with argan oil
有機無患子萃取**,癸基葡萄糖苷*(提取自植物),椰子水**,甘油**,大馬士革玫瑰花水**,水*,洋薔薇花萃取* *,黃原膠*,大豆脂**,木薯澱粉**,摩洛哥堅果油**,苯甲醇*(植物來源),天竺葵(玫瑰油)葵花籽油*,玫瑰果油**,荷荷芭種子油**,牛油果油**,薰衣草花油**,迷迭香葉油**,瓊崖海棠籽油 *,二氧化矽*,乳酸*,含山梨酸鉀*,快樂鼠尾草油**,玫瑰草油**。 84%的有機認證100%天然來源
Massage onto wet hair and rinse. Follow with Ausganica conditioner.