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Brand Story

Ausganica founder Moreen Liao began her professional journey in aromatherapy, scent creation and organic skin, body and hair care in 1997. Shedrew from her network of hair specialists, skin care experts, herbalists, growers and suppliers of quality organic and natural ingredients to form her own brand Ausganica, which stands for "Australian Organic Care."

A major priority in the creation of Ausganica was to ensure the healthy and equitable sourcing of raw materials and use manufacturing processes that left the lowest possible environmental footprint.

Maximising nutrition to the skin, body and hair was equally important. She draws on her years of cosmecuetical and ingredients expertise as well as her training in aromatherapy and Chinese herbs (her grandfather had been a herbalist). The goal is to deliver powerful nutrition to the skin, body and hair that comes from using pure organic botanicals and superfoods.

Ausganica products do not contain synthetic fragrances, colours or other additives, masking agents or fillers. Ausganica is paraben and sulfate free. Ausganica is not tested on animals and is certified by Choose Cruelty Free.

Ausganica is manufactured in a Certified Organic facility that is approved by both the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) Standard and the OFC (Organic Food Chain) Standard in Sydney, Australia. All certified products Ausganica makes carry the relevant Certified Organic logo.